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Welcome to Sri Sri Nrusinghanath Temple

Nrusinghanath,the great temple of Orissa in India, is situated at the foot hills of Gandhamardhan Hill.The King of Patna-Garg,BAIJAL SINGH DEV,laid the foundation of this historic temple in 1313 A.D. It is only 45 feet in height,divided into two parts: the first being the seat of the Lord Nrusinghnath, the second alloted to Jagamohan(anti-chamber having 3 gates and each supported by 4 pillars).

Some six hundred years back,a woman Jamuna Kandhuni as refered in the book “Nrusingha Charitra” composed a Kavya that sings the glory of MARJARA KESHARI in regard to suppression and repression of torture and tyrany of MUSIKA DAITYA. According to the legend,when people were greatly afflicted by MUSIKA DAITYA (the incarnate Mouse Demon),Vishnu Mani in the appearance(Incarnation) of MARJARA KESHARI,in His Feline Form,ran to eat the demonic mouse form-MUSIKA DAITYA who never came out from the tunnel (you may see the image of tunnel here) and MARJARA KESHARI waited from that day.The temple is reputed from that day with this mythologicla history.

This story is symbolic of the grounding the demonic evil power of tyranny and torture that never dared to come out further and Lord Nrusinghnath alias MARJARA KESHARI has been guarding it since then.

A lot of other mythological and historical implications are there relating to the temple of Lord Nrusinghnath.